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Halloween Footprint Hopscotch

halloween hop scotch feet prints smm

Halloween Footprint Hopscotch Materials: Roll of butcher paper  Printed footprints (I just found a template online) HERE is one similar to the one I used Crayons Scissors Spray Adhesive (or glue sticks) Tape Directions: Print off several footprints Have the kids…
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frankie glasses sm

FRANKENSTEIN GLASSES SUPPLIES NEEDED: Extra large sunglasses (find at the dollar store or Here), Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Black and Silver or Grey felt Black Sharpie DIRECTIONS: Start by cutting out your black hair, measure the width of…
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Cork Pumpkins

pumpkin 2 e1451618185548

Cork Pumpkins  MATERIALS USED: Large cork and mini corks (found at craft store HERE), Rafia, Acrylic paint (orange and Green), paint brush, craft glue, and glitter DIRECTIONS: Start off by painting your cork’s, when dry you can glue the mini…
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Halloween Silhouettes

silhouette bats 3 e1451591153480

  Supplies Needed: Craft Foam, Google Eyes (optional), Craft Paint, Glitter (optional), Paint Brush. Cut your craft foam into what ever shape you want (we looked online for silhouette shapes we liked and cut them out of the craft foam)…then…
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