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Farm Animal Wood Blocks

farm animal wood blocks smmm

Farm Animal Wood Blocks Materials: Wood blocks¬† Craft paint and brushes Card stock or a small piece of cardboard Craft felt or foam (pink and black) White yarn or dollar store mop head Scissors Small wood oval pieces (optional- can…
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Farm Animal Wood Crate Planter


Farm Animal Wood Crate Planter Materials: Wood Crates HERE Clay Pot Bases Wood Sheet Craft Paints (black Pink, Brown, White) Craft Brushes Spray Paints (white, red, pink) Glue (outdoor rated, Super glue, Ect..) Potted Flowers Sealer (optional) Directions: Paint your…
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Paper Plate Farm Animals


Paper Plate Farm Animals Materials: Paper plates Craft Paint and brushes Craft glue Chenille stems (pink) Scissors Wiggle eyes Marker (black) Pom poms or cotton balls (white) Directions: Paint your farm animal plates (Pink for pig, Brown for horse, and…
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Farm Animal Wine Glass Candle Holders

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farm animals WINE GLASS CANDLE HOLDERS FARM ANIMAL WINE GLASSES So I really was unsure about these little guys, I made them up in December for SEVERAL local special orders for Christmas Presents. It was something I never even considered…
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