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Pool Noodle Stick Horse & Pool Noodle Unicorns

pool noodle stick horse smmm

Pool Noodle Stick Horse & Pool Noodle Unicorns Materials: Pool noodle (I found mine at the dollar store) Large Knee Socks HERE Ribbon Large Wiggle eyes Multi colored yarn  Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Buttons Craft Felt Large Hair…
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Magical Frozen Unicorn Eggs

magical frozen unicorn eggs sm

Magical Frozen Unicorn Eggs Materials: Latex balloons Glitter Food Coloring or Glitter Liquid Watercolors Small Unicorns Water  Spray bottle Directions: Push your small unicorns into a latex balloon Pour in some glitter and a couple drops of Food Coloring or…
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Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox

mailbox sm

Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox Materials: Paper Mache Mailbox HERE 7″ Paper Mache Cone HERE  or Use a Unicorn HEADBAND HERE or one with and Elastic Band HERE White Craft Paint or spray paint Gold Glitter Blast HERE White Glitter Blast HERE Pink…
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Unicorn Treat Pops

unicorn pop sm

Unicorn Treat Pops Materials: Fill-able Ornaments (I would recommend checking for food safe ones) find some like the ones I used –> HERE (I used 80mm for mine) White Pearl Sixlets (find some HERE) Jumbo Craft Sticks HERE Black Sharpie marker Small Flowers Scissors Gems (find…
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Unicorn Centerpiece Idea

Unicorn wood block craft sm

Unicorn Centerpiece Idea Materials: Wood block Cardboard Cone Glitter Blast Spray White Primer Paint Black Sharpie Hot Glue and Glue gun Pom Poms White Felt Scissors Misc. Embellishments Ribbon Directions Spray or paint white primer on your wood block and…
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