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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas NEED MORE IDEAS? Men Stocking Stuffers HERE Women Stocking Stuffers HERE Teens Stocking Stuffers HERE Kids Stocking Stuffers HERE Toddler Stocking Stuffers HERE Baby Stocking Stuffers HERE

Pre-Packaged Christmas Treat Ideas


Pre-Packaged Christmas Treat Ideas Unfortunatley today most schools will not allow for homemade treats at holiday parties, so we have compiled a bunch of wonder Christmas treats that are all adorable prepackaged ideas for a school Christmas Party! These ideas…
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Gingerbread Girl Pre-Packaged Cookies


Gingerbread Girl Pre-Packaged Cookies  Materials: Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie (or similar cookie) White Paint Pen ( I used a Sharpie one since that is what I have on hand) Black Sharpie Red Christmas Ribbon Red Buttons Hot glue and glue…
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Penguin Pudding Cups


Penguin Pudding Cups MATERIALS: Chocolate Pudding Cups Sparkle Pom Poms White tinsel stems Construction Paper (multi pack) Oval wiggle eyes Glue Scissors DIRECTIONS: Start off by gluing your tinsel stem to each side of your pudding cup, next glue over…
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Fun Christmas Cupcakes and Cupcake Cake Ideas


FUN CHRISTMAS CUPCAKES & CUPCAKE CAKE IDEAS Need some fun ideas for your next Christmas party? Check out some of these adorable cupcakes and pull apart cupcake cake ideas we have found for you. image source/ tutorials are listed below…
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Burlap Wrapped Dollar Store Candy Canes


Burlap Wrapped Dollar Store Candy Canes I love burlap decorations and this year we are going simple, and more of a country/ rustic Christmas. So I have been revamping a lot of our decor and adding some new and fun…
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Mini Gingerbread House Kit


Mini Gingerbread House Kit This is such a cute and simple gift idea, we made up a bunch of these to hand out as small gifts, the kids even did a practice run and loved making them. MATERIALS: Graham Crackers…
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Snowflake Stocking Stuffer Gift idea


Snowflake Stocking Stuffer Gift idea Every year we try and come up with a fun, simple and inexpensive idea to give as small gifts to co-workers, teachers, stocking stuffers ect. so this year we came up with these. MATERIALS: Dollar…
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Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday Gift Guide With Christmas around the corner, we have complied a list of some fantastic items we have seen for sale that would make wonderful gifts for Christmas this year. I hope you like some of the ideas we…
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Country Holiday Mason Jar and Candle holder


Country Holiday Mason Jar and Candle holder Materials: Glitter Blast Spray Paint (bronze blaze, Cherry Bomb, Diamond Dust, and Golden Glow) CLICK HERE for where I purchase mine Mason Jar Dollar Store Wine Glass Hemp Cording Rustic Star Rustic Ornaments…
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