Unicorn and Mermaid Fantasy Snow Globe Jars

Unicorn and Mermaid Fantasy Snow Globe Jars


  1. Seal-able glass jars
  2. Glycerin 
  3. Glass glue 
  4. Glass Paint Marker Black
  5. Small Cone (decorated, I used the top of a small witch hat and added gems and ribbon)
  6. Shells and other Ocean decor
  7. Hot Glue
  8. Misc. Embellishments
  9. Water (distilled or purified)
  10. Glamour Dust 
  11. Other misc. Embellishments


  1. Decorate up your cone for the unicorn
  2. Hot glue cone to the top of your jars lid
  3. Decorate Jar with misc. embellishments
  4. Draw unicorn eyes on jar with a glass pen
  5. Decorate second jar with shells, and other ocean embellishments
  6. Fill both jars with purified or distilled water
  7. Add a dash of glycerin to each jar (this helps to slow the glitter down from settling to the bottom of the jar as quickly)
  8. Add desired amount of glamour dust to each jar
  9. Glue jar lid down (hot glue works for a temporary hold, I recommend a glass glue for a permanent hold

NOTE: if you add too much glycerin to your jar the glitter will not settle to the bottom, I recommend testing your glycerin ration before gluing the lid down

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