Glowing Halloween Balloon Jars

Glowing Halloween Balloon Jars Materials: Halloween light up balloons HERE Small jars Misc. Embellishments and glue Directions; Pull tab to light up portion of balloon so it begins glowing Stretch balloon over the base of your jar Add any embellishments…
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Spooky Halloween Treat Pops

Spooky Halloween Treat Pops MATERIALS USED:  Plastic Fill- able Ornaments (I would recommend checking for food safe ones) find some like the ones I used –> HERE Green M&M’s Orange M&M’s Brown M&M’s Jumbo Craft Sticks HERE Construction paper Hot glue and glue…
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Unicorn and Mermaid Fantasy Snow Globe Jars

Unicorn and Mermaid Fantasy Snow Globe Jars Materials  Seal-able glass jars Glycerin  Glass glue  Glass Paint Marker Black Small Cone (decorated, I used the top of a small witch hat and added gems and ribbon) Shells and other Ocean decor…
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Bug Party

Bug Party Find the bug boxes HERE Lady bug Jello Cups- ( Jello fruit cup, black chenille stems, wiggle eyes and black craft foam) Grasshopper Jello cups ( Jello fruit cup, wiggles eyes, large green chenille stems and small green…
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Pre-Packaged Owl Cookies

Pre-Packaged Owl Cookies Materials: Oatmeal Creme Pies HERE yellow and orange felt large wiggle eyes scissors feathers or fake leaf low temp hot glue gun and glue (or other strong holding glue) Directions: fold a section of yellow felt in…
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Pre-Packaged Unicorn Brownie Treat

Pre-Packaged Unicorn Brownie Treat Materials: Cosmic Brownies HERE Craft Glue White Paint Pen Glitter sea shell Low Temp hot glue gun and glue tape small pom poms Directions: slide the brownie to one side of the package and tape the…
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Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Birthday Party See Trolls Wreath HERE See Trolls Party Favor ideas HERE See Trolls Centerpiece HERE Find Trolls Dress HERE Find Trolls Hair bows HERE This post contains affiliate links   Share this:

Trolls Party Wreath

Trolls Party Wreath Materials: Wreath form (desired size) Hot Pink Tulle (it takes one 6″ x 25 yard roll) Blue ribbon Blue yarn Flowers (asst sizes, pinks and blues) Birthday number Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Rubber band Directions: Begin…
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Unicorn Centerpiece Idea

Unicorn Centerpiece Idea Materials: Wood block Cardboard Cone Glitter Blast Spray White Primer Paint Black Sharpie Hot Glue and Glue gun Pom Poms White Felt Scissors Misc. Embellishments Ribbon Directions Spray or paint white primer on your wood block and…
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Dragonfly Suckers

DRAGONFLY SUCKERS MATERIALS Suckers Bright colored Chenille stems Small Wiggle Eyes Glue DIRECTIONS Begin by wrapping the bottom stem of your sucker with one chenille stem Fold another chenille stem into the top and bottom wing (make 2 of these,…
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