Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Birthday Party See Trolls Wreath HERE See Trolls Party Favor ideas HERE See Trolls Centerpiece HERE Find Trolls Dress HERE Find Trolls Hair bows HERE This post contains affiliate links   Share this:

Trolls Party Wreath

Trolls Party Wreath Materials: Wreath form (desired size) Hot Pink Tulle (it takes one 6″ x 25 yard roll) Blue ribbon Blue yarn Flowers (asst sizes, pinks and blues) Birthday number Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Rubber band Directions: Begin…
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Unicorn Centerpiece Idea

Unicorn Centerpiece Idea Materials: Wood block Cardboard Cone Glitter Blast Spray White Primer Paint Black Sharpie Hot Glue and Glue gun Pom Poms White Felt Scissors Misc. Embellishments Ribbon Directions Spray or paint white primer on your wood block and…
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Dragonfly Suckers

DRAGONFLY SUCKERS MATERIALS Suckers Bright colored Chenille stems Small Wiggle Eyes Glue DIRECTIONS Begin by wrapping the bottom stem of your sucker with one chenille stem Fold another chenille stem into the top and bottom wing (make 2 of these,…
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Trolls Party Favor Ideas

Easy Trolls Party Favor Ideas Trolls is such an adorable movie and has been a huge hit with most kids right now, my daughter included We have been super busy putting together some fun Trolls party ideas that are simple,…
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Trolls Party Favor Treat Jars

TROLLS PARTY FAVOR TREAT JARS MATERIALS: Small Clear Jars (with lid) Mini Trolls HERE Skittles Bright colored BOA or FEATHER PUFF (HERE) Mini Flowers (I used paper flowers) Hot glue or craft glue DIRECTIONS: Place mini troll in jar Fill…
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Trolls Party Favor Suckers

TROLLS PARTY FAVOR SUCKERS Materials: Tulle Ribbon Small flowers Suckers Scissors Glue Directions: cut tulle into rectangles (measure to make sure it is the desired size) make appx 3 squares (more if desire a solid look) cut small slit in…
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Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Paper Lantern

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Paper Lantern Materials: White Tissue Paper Ultra Fine Sharpie Markers (or other fine point marker) Craft Sticks Scissors Hot glue and glue gun Gold Glitter Blast Spray Printed images Battery operated flameless candle/ tea light…
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Paw Patrol Easter Basket Idea

Paw Patrol Easter Basket Idea My kids already have tons of baskets around the house so I really wanted to come up with a different kind of Easter gift for my son this year. Paw Patrol is one of the…
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Trolls Movie Easter Basket Idea

Trolls Movie Easter Basket Idea Like most kids right now my daughter is crazy obsessed with the new Trolls Movie so for Easter this year I wanted to make her an extra special Trolls Easter basket (Poppy inspired hair). MATERIALS…
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