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UP-CYCLED KIDS CARS Making things look new and fun is such a great idea and up-cycling kids things not only saves money but makes it special to kids. We just love all of the great up-cycled kids car ideas out there,…
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Farm Animal Rock Garden

Farm Animal Rock Garden Materials: Rocks Craft Paint Sealer (optional) Pom Poms Felt Feathers Wiggle Eyes Glue Chenille Stem (pink) Yarn Wood Crate Plastic Trash Bag Staple gun and staples Dirt/ Potting soil Plants Farm toys/ Barn Spray paint (optional)…
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Playhouse Up-cycled to Goat Shelter

Playhouse Up-cycled to Goat Shelter We have seen so many cute ideas out there on turning playhouses into chicken coops and we recently got a couple of baby pygmy goats, so we figured why not do the same thing and make a…
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Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Birthday Party See Trolls Wreath HERE See Trolls Party Favor ideas HERE See Trolls Centerpiece HERE Find Trolls Dress HERE Find Trolls Hair bows HERE This post contains affiliate links  

Patriotic Wooden Spoons Decor

Patriotic Wooden Spoons Decor Materials: Asst Wooden spoons White, Red and Blue spray paint (I used Chalk finish Paint HERE) Star stickers Blue tape or Rubber Bands Hemp twin Metal Stars Hot glue and glue gun Other misc. embellishments Directions:…
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Great Kids Space Ideas

Great Kids Space Ideas we just love playrooms and fun spaces for kids, we are always searching for great ideas out there to help make the most of your space and have a memorable space for kids to play in….
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Trolls Party Wreath

Trolls Party Wreath Materials: Wreath form (desired size) Hot Pink Tulle (it takes one 6″ x 25 yard roll) Blue ribbon Blue yarn Flowers (asst sizes, pinks and blues) Birthday number Hot glue and glue gun Scissors Rubber band Directions: Begin…
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Unicorn Centerpiece Idea

Unicorn Centerpiece Idea Materials: Wood block Cardboard Cone Glitter Blast Spray White Primer Paint Black Sharpie Hot Glue and Glue gun Pom Poms White Felt Scissors Misc. Embellishments Ribbon Directions Spray or paint white primer on your wood block and…
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Rustic Dreaming Pizza Pan Door Hang

Rustic Dreaming Pizza Pan Door Hang Materials: Pizza Pan (found mine at the dollar store) Glitter Blast Glitter spray (Bronze Blaze and Sparkling waters HERE) Hot glue and glue gun Burlap Ribbon, and regular ribbon Metal Stars Flowers Rope or…
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TROLL PAINTED ROCKS MATERIALS: Acrylic/ Craft paints Sealer (Optional) Glitter Blast spray (optional if want super glittery) Wiggle Eyes (eye size depends on rock size) Felt Paint brushes Scissors Black sharpie Feathers and or Boas Glue (we used hot glue…
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