Coming into the times

Due to several requests I finally got a link working on here for people to follow my blog (if you have any problems with the links please let me know as for i am still working out some of the issues), along with now having a Facebook Page set up as-well for people who do not follow blogs often and prefer to just use Facebook. Sorry it took me so long to due this, things have just been a little hectic with work and the kids, not to mention i am still trying to figure out how a lot of the blog tools work. I tried to get some of the pictures up on Facebook of past blog posts to get some color on the page I should be able to start posting on both sites now with links to the blog for anything that has DIY instructions…………If you notice I have also added a Facebook link for my work as-well on here since I get most of my Ideas and Supplies at Quality Art 🙂

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