Kitty Pumpkin


Bucket of Cats Pumpkin

My kids have a pumpkin painting contest every year at their school, they have to pick their favorite book and make a pumpkin to go with it. This year my daughter picked a kitty book and she loved this pumpkin idea we had seen a couple of years ago on pinterest so we decided to make it for her book/ pumpkin contest. 


Directions- we simply cut the top of the pumpkin off and cleaned it out, we then hot glued several piece of ribbon to the outside of the pumpkin, after the pumpkin was decorated we filled the pumpkin with misc. filler – we had batting laying around and some spanish moss we used. After the main pumpkin was complete we painted up several small pumpkins with kitty faces and hot glued on some felt ears, then finished it off by placing the kitty pumpkins into the large pumpkin.



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