DIY Gas Pump

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DIY Gas Pump



Supplies Needed: Tall skinny box, red craft paper or red paint, plastic lid or paper plate, red paint, white construction paper, black sharpie, squirt bottle top, scissors, an old cord and hot glue and glue gun.
Directions: Make sure your box is taped shut on all sides, either cover in red paper or paint box red. Then take and cut your white construction paper down and round the top (I traced one side of a bowl to get a nice even rounded top), used the black sharpie for your total sale price sign, glue this to the front of your box. Paint gas on your plate or lid with your red craft paint, I did a red trim on mine as well, hot glue your lid to the top of your box. Take your old cord and cut it down to size and glue one end to the side of your box and the other end to your squirt bottle top (to hook the other end of your cord up i just used an old cup lid and glue it to the side to hook the handle to).






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