Cardboard Gingerbread Playhouse DIY

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Cardboard Gingerbread Playhouse DIY

We first started off by making the main frame of the house, this is so simple you need a very large cardboard box, we used a Lazy-boy chair box that we picked up at a local furniture store for free. Cut the 2 front top flaps into a point (find the center and mark lines from the sides up and cut flaps, see pictures for example) then fold up your other sides to match, glue all parts together. Next we cut the door and a window, then painted the entire box dark brown. While this was drying I took some paper plates and painted them bright colors for candies, i attached a dowel to 2 paper plates for lollypops and some tulle to the other 2 plates to make candies. Next I cut out shingles and created the roof (take colored construction paper, cut into round circles then cut in half, you want lots of these), take another large piece of cardboard score in the center all the way down so this will allow it drape over the entire top of the box creating the roof. Now attach your shingles laying the half circles down overlapping each other starting at the bottom of the roof and working your way up, do this for both sides leaving the top of the roof empty this you will want full circles to lay across the top it will bend both directions to cover both sides. Attach your roof by hot gluing down to the frame. Now for the final decorations, I cut gumdrop shapes out of construction paper to line the bottom, large buttons for the knobs on the windows, a PVC sprinkler part for the door knob, a banner of gingerbread men and a welcome sign for the front of the house. Addie and I also created a hand print candy cane wreath for the front door.  Last but not least i sprayed the shingles, candies and gumdrops with glitter! You cant forget the glitter in this house, its a must with Addie!

Note: If you want a window box we just took a smaller size box cut off the top, painted brown and glued under the window.












 Addies hand print candy cane wreath
 the candies drying
 making thee roof with my little helpers







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