Minnie Mouse Learning Clock DIY

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Minnie Mouse Learning Clock Tutorial 

(with removable Bows to match numbers and colors)

Supplies Needed: Foam Core, Utility Knife, Ribbon, Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun, 2 Large Popsicle Sticks, 1 brad, 12 different colors of craft foam or felt, paper punch, Velcro, scissors and white paint.
Directions: First take a couple of bowls or other round objects and trace out your Minnie mouse head onto your black foam core, use a large one for the main part of the head and a smaller one for the ears. Once you have your outline take and cut out your head with a utility knife (use caution when cutting). You will next want to cut out a large ribbon out of craft foam for the head. Now cut out 12 different colors of smaller ribbons and under ribbons (see attached printable cutout sheet). You will next want to hot glue down the under ribbons to the foam core (when placing the under ribbons lay it out in the color pattern you want before you start gluing). Now stick on your Velcro dots to the under ribbon pieces, then take your small ribbons and paint on your numbers (I had a paint pen so i used that to do the numbers with), once this is dry attach the other side of the Velcro dots to the smaller ribbons. At this point you can now add your hands, take your paper punch and punch a hole in your two large Popsicle sticks, cut one stick down so it is reasonably smaller then the other. If you want to paint your sticks you can, I painted my Popsicle sticks pink so they matched. Then take and run your brad through them both (depending on how thick the foam core is that you are using you may want to make a small hole in the center to push the brand through) (I put a dab of hot glue on the back to make sure the brad did not come lose seeing as how this is for a younger child and can be a chocking hazard). To finish it off i added a ribbon on the outside edge to hide the rough spots.

CLICK HERE for printable bows

****This clock is great for color sorting and matching, learning how time works, understanding number orders and basic cognitive skills.



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