Cool Whip Marbled Cookies

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Cool Whip Marbled Cookies

Have you ever tried to do the shaving cream marbled paper? Well if you have, this is the same idea! Back to my daughter still tends to put things in her mouth so doing the shaving cream marble project would be a nightmare. Back to the idea, lets just make it edible fun! We took sugar cookie dough and cut out our fun shapes with cookie cutters, then baked them per the directions on the package. Once the cookies cooled down we put out cool whip on a cookie sheet pan. Then taking food coloring (liquid would work the best but it is almost impossible to find these days) we watered down the gel coloring first to try (we also tired it with just putting the gel down straight out of the tube, this gave us brighter colors), we dribbled it all over the top of the cool whip with different colors, next we took and swirled it around with a toothpick. Take your cookie and place it face down on the food coloring letting it sit for just a second to absorb the color, lift the cookie off and wipe the cool whip away, I just used a butter knife to do this with but you can use just about whatever to wipe it off (you should now have a died marble cookie).









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