Dr Seuss Red Fish Blue Fish – Fish Tank Noise Maker Craft

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Dr Seuss Red Fish Blue Fish-
Fish Tank Noise Maker Craft
Supplies needed- Paper plate, Clear plastic plate the same size as the paper plate, light blue, dark blue and red acrylic paint, paint brush, wiggle eyes, colored shell noodles, marker, large Popsicle stick and hot glue.
We took and painted the paper plate with light blue paint (let dry) then did our dark blue and red hand prints also adding the eyes to the fish. Then when it all dried we took a handful of colored shell noodles set on the plate and hot glued the plastic plate to the front of the paper plate. Then hot glued on the handle and was complete.




Before the clear plate and noodles
After we attached the clear plate to the front with the colored shell noodles
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