DIY Balance Beam

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DIY Balance Beam

(Cost Approximately $31.00)

Supplies Used: 1- 8′ 4″x4″ board (appx $10), 3- 2″x4″ Pieces each 18″ long, staple gun, 9 yards of fabric, I used a closeout vinyl fabric I found for just under $3 a yard, spray adhesive and insulating foam (appx $5 for a roll at Home Depot).

Cost for me was Appx. $31.00
(4″x4″- $10, 2″x4″- $7, Fabric $9, insulating foam $5)

Directions: Since the beam was already the right size we started off by placing the foam down with spray adhesive on 3 sides doubling up on each side to give it a nice soft padding. Next we stapled down the foam just to make sure it was plenty secure. Then we covered the beam with our fabric leaving the seam on the bottom and stapling it down to the bottom and ends. Next we took our 3 small 2″x4″ pieces and covered them in the same extra fabric. Finally we screwed the 3 boards to the bottom of the beam for stability and height.












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