Easter Hand Print and Footprint Crafts

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Easter Hand Print and Footprint Crafts

Materials: Canvas, Paint, Brushes, Straw For the Chick, and For the bunny rabbits we used wiggle eyes and pom pom tails.

So many of you may have seen my previous post with a different bunny, I have chosen to change the bunny in this craft since the bunny I had was not my original idea and I was never able to find the owner/ creator of it. I loved that craft a great deal but I never felt right about not being able to link to the original persons page, giving them credit for that adorable design. So that being the case I chose to change up the design by creating a new and different bunny (I hope you like this one as much as the last). Now the Carrot in this post you can find the original craft HERE along with some other fun ideas. The straw painted baby chick HERE. As far as the flowers go we just used the kids finger prints to make them.


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