Pool Noodle Caterpillar Bath Time Fun

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 Pool Noodle Caterpillar Bath Time Fun


As a quick random project I decided to make the kids a new bath toy, I had seen on Pinterest where someone had made little boats out of a pool noodle and I just loved the idea of making toys using cheap pool noodles. We happened to have a green noodle i picked up at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago, along with a ton of balls for a ball pit so i grabbed both things and started piecing my caterpillar together. The kids sure thought he was the coolest bath toy.
….Note: the antennas don’t last long, my kids ripped them off on the first bath time, but it was a cute addition to start with 🙂 Now Addie calls it a snake 🙂

Supplies: Pool Noodle, Plastic or Foam Ball, knife, scissors, drinking straw, rope or cord, wiggle eyes, sharpie and hot glue gun

Direction: Using a knife cut your pool noodle in several sections (use caution when doing this), then hot glue a piece of cording down the center of your pool noodle sections leaving a gap between then for the caterpillar to bend, take your ball and draw on your face and glue on your eyes and straws using the hot glue. Then finally hot glue your head to the end of your pool noodle body.






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