Spring Wheelbarrow Craft

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Spring Wheelbarrow Craft


We got these adorable wooden wheelbarrows from Quality Art Inc. for only $0.75ea.
We started off by painting the wheelbarrow what ever color you want, Addie choose pink of course and I painted Caydens blue. Next we filled the bottom with craft or Elmer’s glue and poked in crumpled up green tissue paper for grass. Then we made our flowers, I cut out a flower shape out of poster board and glue 2 flowers together (sandwiching) a Popsicle stick in the middle of them. Then Addie decorated them with pom poms and gems. Last we hot glued them into the grass. (This would also be fun to do hand print or footprint flowers and stick them in). These would be such a fun Mothers day gift or just a spring or Easter craft.









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