Monkey Pudding Cup

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Monkey Pudding Cup

Materials: Chocolate Pudding Cup, Brown Craft Foam, Wiggle Eyes, Brown Chenille stem, tan paint, brush, scissors, black Sharpie and glue.
Directions: Start by cutting circles out of your brown craft foam, pain a tan middle in the center of the craft foam and then a tan face for the monkey on the pudding cup, once dry you can glue on eyes and draw on your nose and mouth. You can then glue on your tail and ears.



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  1. Jessica

    Thank you for this post! We just made 26 of these little guys for my son’s first birthday!

  2. Ashley

    these are perfect for our girl scout overnight at the zoo! Thank you 🙂

  3. Lindsay

    What type of glue did you use?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      I used a low temp hot glue gun, but most craft glues would work as well


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