Hello Kitty Button Art

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Hello Kitty Button Art

My daughter is crazy about everything Hello Kitty so I wanted to do a Hello Kitty craft with her. After seeing the craze for button art projects and how much fun they can be I decided what better fun then to make a Hello Kitty Button Art for Addie’s Room. Since I have tons of tubs of buttons (THESE amazing mixed tubs) stashed in my craft room I got pretty lucky with my selection.
Materials Needed: Canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, buttons and glue (YES Paste is what I used but you can use whatever you have)
Directions: Start by painting the background of your canvas (I only chose to do this since Hello Kitty is white and my background was white). While your background drys cut out an outline of Hello Kitty to trace. Once your background is dry you can lay your image down and trace the basic outline and then paint the center white. Allow the white paint to dry before gluing on your buttons. I put a good coat of Yes paste down on the canvas first then arranged all of my white buttons. Last I added the eyes, nose, whiskers and bow ( I got really lucky in my mixed tub of buttons and found some pink ones that worked perfect for the bow).







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