Plastic Cup Lanterns and Luminaries

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Plastic Cup Lanterns and Luminaries 

We had so much fun making our plastic plate flowers we wanted to do more with our plastic cups and since we still had some painted cups and plates left over we decided to make lanterns and luminaries. They where oh so simple and the kids have been running all over the house playing with them. As I am posting this they are in fact under their beds in their hides out with them.

Materials Used: Plastic cups, acrylic paint, brushes, chenille stems, ribbon and led lights

Directions: Paint your plastic cups how ever you want, when they are dry poke 2 small holes, one on each side of the cup and insert a chenille stem thru it and bend the ends up on the inside, then simply place your led light on the inside and have fun.







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  1. Sherry

    What did you do with the ribbons? You had that listed as spplies for the lantern

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, the ribbon was just used for extra decoration on some of the lanterns (just tied around some of the cups) 🙂

  2. DaMeon Camilleri

    How did you poke the holes in your cups?


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