Rudolph Reindeer Brownies

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Rudolph Reindeer Brownies


We love to make pre- packaged treats, it so much fun and great for the kids to take to school.

Unfortunately now days its hard to bring treats that are not pre-packaged from the store, so this makes it fun and easy.


  1. Cosmic Brownies Here
  2. Red Pom Poms Here
  3. Wiggle Eyes
  4. Brown Construction paper
  5. Hot glue and glue gun
  6. Scissors


Start by deciding how you want your antlers to look, then cut out of brown construction paper your desired antlers. Next glue on all of your items (use a low temp glue gun or regular craft glue to do this). Glue your antlers to the back of the brownie and your wiggle eyes and nose to the front.


Note: this post contains affiilate links

This post contains affiliate links

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