Caterpillar Crate Planter

Caterpillar cratesSM 1

Caterpillar Wood Crate Planter


  1. Wooden Crates
  2. Wood discs
  3. Clay pot Base (one large base and 2 small bases)
  4. Lime green, hot pink, and bright orange spray paint (outdoor/ weather rated)
  5. White and black paint (outdoor/ weather rated)
  6. Strong adhesive (I used Gorilla Gel Super Glue HERE)
  7. Wire
  8. Flowers


  1. Start off by spaying your wood crates lime green
  2. Spray your small wood discs bright orange and pink
  3. Paint your small clay pots white and add black centers
  4. Once everything is dry you can begin assembling
  5. Using a strong adhesive, glue wood discs randomly to the crates
  6. next glue your eyes (smaller clay pots) to your large clay pot (be sure to check placement, I placed mine to high the first time around and it looked like a frog so be sure to place lower down on your large clay pot).
  7. Cut 2 pieces of wire to desired length and glue to the back of your large clay pot, bend into antennas (note: I wrapped some bright green chenille stems around mine to stand out more)
  8. Glue the large clay pot to the front of one of your crates
  9. Lastly fill with flowers, I used pre-potted flower so they could easily be changed out and not rot the crates.

Note: if you want to plant the plants directly in the crates be sure to line the crates and put holes in the lining for drainage. Elavating the crates will also help keep them from rotting overtime ( place something under each corner of them to lift off the ground)


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This post contains affiliate links

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