Trolls Party Wreath

Trolls Wreath sm

Trolls Party Wreath


  1. Wreath form (desired size)
  2. Hot Pink Tulle (it takes one 6″ x 25 yard roll)
  3. Blue ribbon
  4. Blue yarn
  5. Flowers (asst sizes, pinks and blues)
  6. Birthday number
  7. Hot glue and glue gun
  8. Scissors
  9. Rubber band


  1. Begin by covering the bottom half of your wreath with yarn (cover just over half) (hot glue one end to the wreath and begin wrapping the yarn around it, pulling it tight as you go, I recommend gluing a small section every so often to hold it tight)
  2. Measure out how big you want your tulle pieces to be on your wreath
  3. Cut a piece of cardboard to size
  4. Wrap your tulle around a piece of cardboard and cut one end of the tulle off of the cardboard (I used one entire roll of tulle (25 yards) per wreath)
  5. securely tie each piece of tulle to your wreath form
  6. when all of your tulle is on the wreath, gather the tulle together at the top and tie with a rubber band
  7. Trim any excess tulle from the top so your hair making it even
  8. Tie a blue ribbon around the rubber band, making a bow
  9. Hot glue on some blue flowers at the base of your hair
  10. Hot glue on some pink flowers to the bottom half of your wreath
  11. Hot glue on some ribbon to the back of your wreath to hang it from
  12. Hot glue on another section of ribbon to the back of your wreath that hangs down into the center of your wreath, attach your birthday number to it.
  13. Hang on your door.

See Trolls Easter basket for DIY video of how to tie the tulle onto your wreath HERE

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This post contains affiliate links

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  1. Tim

    Direction are horrible to understand

  2. Shelia

    How long did you cut the tulle for the troll hair?


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