Handprint Mothers Day, I love you because card

hanprint mothers day i love you because smm

Handprint Mothers Day, I love you because card


  1. Bright colored card stock or construction paper
  2. Makers
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Other misc. embellishments


    1. Fold several colors of your paper in half 
    2. Trace child’s hand with pen (place the bottom of their hand on fold side)
    3. Cut out hand print leaving folded section in tact (so it opens and closes on the fold)
    4. Glue several of the handprints onto a sheet of white cardstock or construction paper (its okay if some of the hands hang over the paper)
    5. Draw stems from each hand print with a green marker
    6. Cut out some grass and line the bottom of the paper
    7. Print off or write “Mom I love you because….” on the top of the paper 
    8. Open each handprint and write or have the child write why they love their mom inside each handprint 
    9. Add any misc. embellishments or decorate have ever you desire


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