Popsicle Stick Fairy Keepsake

Popsicle stick fairy sm

Popsicle Stick Fairy Keepsake


  1. Jumbo craft stick
  2. Glitter craft foam
  3. Glue and fine glitter or glitter spray
  4. Small craft flowers
  5. Craft paint
  6. Skin tone and hair color craft paper or card stock
  7. Black marker
  8. Scissors
  9. Glue
  10. Paint brush
  11. Optional – magnet
  12. Child’s photo


    1. Glue 3 large jumbo craft sticks together in a triangle
    2. Add glue and glitter over all 3 craft sticks or spray with glitter spray
    3. Glue childs photo to back of craft sticks- centering photo in the triangle
    4. Trim excess photo from around craft sticks
    5. Cut a few craft flowers in half and glue halves to back side bottom of triangle (making the bottom of her dress)
    6. Cut 1 craft stick in half and trim short (paint desired color)
    7. Glue both pieces to bottom of triangle (for feet)
    8. Cut 2 pieces of glitter craft foam in shape of wings (glue to sides on back of triangle)
    9. Cut out of skin tone paper a circle and cut out hair (glue hair to top of circle)
    10. Glue circle to top of triangle
    11. Draw on a face
    12. Add any misc. embellishments and if desired a magnet to back 



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