Moana Easter Basket

Moana Easter basket smmm

Moana Easter Basket


  1. Woven basket
  2. Floral head piece HERE
  3. Moana Necklace HERE
  4. Large artificial leaves and flowers
  5. Craft wire
  6. Hot glue and glue gun
  7. Basket filler
  8. Moana Items 
  9. Easter items


  1. Attach Moana necklace to the front of the basket using craft wire (this way its easily removable)
  2. Glue or attach with wire Floral head piece to the handle of your basket
  3. Glue or wire large artificial leaves and flowers to the inside back of the basket
  4. Fill with basket filler
  5. Add Easter items, candy and Moana toys ect..


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