Frozen Chicken Treats

frozen yogurt chicken treat sm

Frozen Chicken Treats


  1. Silicone Mold or Muffin pan
  2. Chicken Safe Fruit (we used blue berries, raspberries and Strawberries
  3. Water
  4. Plain Greek Yogurt (we looked for the one that had the least additives in it)


    1. For the Frozen Yogurt treats we filled the silicone molds with a mixture of berries and plain Greek yogurt
    2. Freeze until solid
    3. For the Water and berries simply fill your molds or muffin tin with berries and top off with water
    4. Pop them out of the mold or muffin tin and give to your chickens on a hot day

These made a great treat for our chickens when we had some pretty hot days, they just loved them! 


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  1. Jim Bolduc

    Hi. My name is Jim. I have 28 girls and we live in Phoenix Arizona where the summer is trying for them. I appreciate your posts. I’m actually learning a lot. I give them watermelon or frozen berries. I change the water 4-5 times a day (I’m retired). They have a misting system and 3 fans in the pen.
    I unfortunately lost 3 early on , 1 rooster 2 hens.
    Thanks for all your help, tips, and what nots.


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