DIY Santa Belt Shoes

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DIY Santa Belt Shoes

DIY Santa Belt Shoes, these are so much fun for Christmas time, and super easy to make, these only took about an hour to paint and they turned out amazing. These would make a fun Christmas gift idea, or would be adorable at any Christmas party. 


  1. White Canvas Shoes- I used these ones HERE  or more like them HERE
  2. Acrylic Craft Paint- Black, Red, Gold and White
  3. Paint brush
  4. Blue tape


  1. Remove your shoe laces
  2. Tape off your shoes in sections as you go
  3. Begin by taping off a section on the toe for your black stripe (santas belt)
  4. Next tape one section down the center of santas belt for a buckle 
  5. Paint your shoe red (stop just before the back of your shoe (draw a section to keep white in the back see pictures)
  6. Paint your santa’s belt and buckle
  7. Paint the back section of your shoe white
  8. Paint on the side of your shoes HOHOHO
  9. Let your shoes dry, re-lace and enjoy
  10. Optional- for longer lasting colors seal your shoes with a scotch guard or acrylic paint sealer



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  1. Santa Eric

    I just made a pair of these and I’m so happy. The only thing I did differently was I used fabric paint and used puffy paint for the white.


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