Halloween Banana Boo Pops

Halloween Bananna boo pops smmm

Halloween Banana Boo Pops

These Halloween Banana boo pops where a huge hit at our Halloween party last year, the kids went crazy over them. Not only are these super simple but they look amazing and taste fantastic. 


  1. Bananas
  2. Candy Melts (brown, green and white)
  3. Candy Eyes
  4. Cake pop sticks
  5. M&M’s (Brown)
  6. Black frosting
  7. Plastic bag and scissors
  8. Bowl and spoon
  9. Wax paper and tray


  1. Cut your bananas in half and poke a cake pop stick through the bottom end of it
  2. Place on a piece of wax paper and freeze for about an hour (until good an firm)
  3. Melt your 3 colors of candy melts 
  4. Dip your frozen banana in the green candy melts covering the entire banana
  5. Dip another banana into the white candy melts covering the entire banana
  6. Once set, dip your green into your brown candy melts (just to top)
  7. Pour some of your white candy melts into a bag and cut the end off- 
  8. Drizzle the white candy melts over your white banana 
  9. Use some frosting or candy melts to ad hear your eyes to your white and green bananas
  10. Use some frosting to adhere half of a brown M&M to each side of your green banana
  11. Use some black frosting to add stitches to your green banana
  12. Enjoy





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