Harry Potter Magical Party Ideas

Harry Potter party treats smm

Harry Potter Magical Party Ideas

Harry Potter Magical Treat Ideas

These Magical Treats are sure to be the hit of any Harry Potter Party, from the Harry Potter wands to the owls. 


  1. Pretzel rods
  2. White Chocolate Lindor Truffles 
  3. White Cardstock and scissors
  4. Candy Melts (brown)
  5. Gold edible dust and brush
  6. Regular size and small thin oreos
  7. Black Frosting
  8. Orange M&Ms
  9. Glue

Harry Potter Wand Directions

  1. Melt your brown chocolate melts per package directions
  2. Dip your pretzel rods into your candy melts until covered
  3. Place on a piece of wax paper and put in fridge for 5 min
  4. Drizzle some brown candy melts over the top- place in fridge for another 5 min to set
  5. Once set lightly brush on some edible gold dust

Harry Potter Snitch directions 

  1. Take a Lindor Truffle and twist the plastic ends tights (glue in place if desired)
  2.  Cut of out card stock some snitch wings
  3. Glue a wing to each plastic end

Harry Potter Owls

  1. Take 2 small thin oreos and separate them in half 
  2. Use the 2 with the frosting and place them on your regular size oreo (use some black frosting to hold in place)
  3. Make to large dabs of black on each one
  4. Cut a orange M&M in half and frosting in place for the beak
  5. Take your other half of your thin oreo and cut it in half
  6. use some frosting to secure each half to the top of your oreo just above the eyes (see image)

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