Halloween Pallets

Halloween pallets smm

Halloween Pallets


  1. different shaped pallets (I found some small ones from my local craft stores
  2. Spray paint (black, white, orange, green and purple)
  3. Large wiggle eyes
  4. Wood craft shapes (I found a package of misc. shapes for the noses)
  5. Bolts
  6. Black sharpie
  7. Red sharpie or craft paint)
  8. Gauze or cheese cloth
  9. Scissors
  10. Glue (I used hot glue and a glue gun)
  11. Large flowers
  12. Buttons
  13. Rafia
  14. Witch hat
  15. Large button
  16. Misc. embellishments


  1. Spray paint your pallets (see images below on how we masked off the scarecrow, frankie and the vampire)
  2. Wrap your mummy with gauze or cheesecloth- glue in place
  3. Glue on your wiggle eyes and embellishments
  4. Glue on your witch hat and raffia underneath for hair
  5. Glue on your wiggle eyes, green painted nose and draw on with a sharpie your mouth
  6. Glue on your wiggle eyes and bolts to your frankie, use your sharpie for your mouth and stiches
  7. For your vampire glue on a large button and draw on your face with your sharpies
  8. For your scarecrow attach a piece of wood for the bottom half of your hat (glue some raffia underneath first then the hat piece)
  9. Draw on your face with a black marker, glue one a wood nose and large buttons, then a flower to the corner of its hat.

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