Harry Potter Bathroom

Harry Potter bathroom smmm

Harry Potter Bathroom

With Halloween around the corner we could not help our selves but make a Harry Potter Bathroom to go along with our different themed Halloween rooms. We are just in love with how it turned out, the kids have been over the moon with it. You can see out Nightmare Before Christmas bathroom HERE

Items Used:

  1. Harry potter floor mat HERE
  2. Brick backdrop HERE
  3. Harry Potter Glasses HERE
  4. Harry Potter Wand HERE
  5. Harry Potter Robe HERE
  6. Harry Potter Shower Curtain HERE
  7. Harry Potter Towels HERE
  8. Harry Potter Wall Quote HERE
  9. Sorting Hat HERE
  10. Hogwarts Wall Banner HERE
  11. Harry Potter Scarf HERE
  12. Skull candlesticks HERE
  13. Trunk Chests HERE
  14. Directional sign (we made ours out of scrap wood but you can find some similar HERE or more HERE)


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