Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Pops

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Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Pops


  1. White cake mix and items to make cake per directions
  2. Candy Melts
  3. Food safe dye/ Food coloring
  4. Black frosting 
  5. Black fondant
  6. Regular frosting of your choice
  7. Cake pop sicks
  8. Cake pan and tin foil or Cupcake pan


  1. Make cake mix per box directions
  2. Separate cake mix into separate jars
  3. Add food coloring into each jar (Black for Jack, and several colors for sally)
  4. Pour cake mixes into cake pan divided by tin foil or make each as a cupcake
  5. Bake per directions
  6. Once cool crumble each color cake into separate cups
  7. Add some frosting to each cake crumble and mix till you have a good cake pop consistancy
  8. Make your black cake pops and place on pan
  9. Make your sally cake pops by adding a piece of each color together and roll into a ball and place on pan with black cake balls
  10. Place in freezer for a couple of minutes
  11. Melt your different colored candy melts in to separate cups
  12. Dip your cake sticks into your candy melts and then insert into each cake ball
  13. Cool for a few more minutes in freezer
  14. Dip your sally cake balls into each color candy melts (dip in side ways only covering a little bit until you have covered your cake ball in all your colors)
  15. Dip your black cake balls into white candy melts
  16. Let set up in freezer for a couple of minutes
  17. Make your Jack designs out of black fondant or use your black icing to pipe onto your white cake pops
  18. For Sally use black icing to line each color and add X’s onto your colorful cake balls
  19. Optional: tie a ribbon to the stick of each cake ball
  20. Enjoy

These where super simple and yet fun cake balls, sure to be a hit of any party or get together




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