Crazy Hair day Palm Tree Hair

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Crazy Hair day Palm Tree Hair

Crazy Hair day Palm Tree Hair- Today was crazy hair day at school and my daughter really wanted to have hers as a palm tree, she was so excited with how it turned out. 



  1. Paper towel roll
  2. Brown paint
  3. Blue and green temporary hair spray coloring
  4. Hemp cording
  5. Scissors, tape and hot glue
  6. Hair clips and bobby pins
  7. Shells, starfish and misc ocean charms
  8. hair ties and hair spray
  9. Pencil or marker


  1. Pull hair into a pony tail at the top of the head
  2. Poke a pencil or marker down the center of the hair into the pony tail band
  3. Braid or twist hair around the pencil or maker (secure at the top with a rubber band) (the marker or pencil helps hold the hair up)
  4. Spray hair with blue 3/4 up to your pony tail line (leaving a beach area around your tree)
  5. Spray the top ends of the hair green for your palm tree (cover clothing with a towel when spraying your colored spray to help with over spray)
  6. Paint a paper towel roll brown and cut down the side of it 
  7. Wrap your paper towel roll around your hair and tape the sides tightly 
  8. wrap a piece of hemp or twine around your tree trunk for extra security and for looks
  9. hot glue some shells, starfish and other ocean charms to hair clips and bobby pins
  10. insert into hair where desire

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