Crazy Hair Day Spiderweb

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Crazy Hair Day Spiderweb

Crazy Hair Day Spiderweb for boys- my kiddos had crazy hair day at school today and with it being so close to Halloween and my little guys love for spiders we decided to do spiderweb hair. We just love how quick and easy it was to put together and how fun it turned out. 


  1. Plastic spiders
  2. Hair clips
  3. Hot glue and glue gun
  4. Black colored Hair spray- temporary color (Halloween section of the store or HERE)
  5. Lots of hair gel and hair spray
  6. Fake spider webs


  1. Add lots of hair get and hair spray to the hair and spike it or style it how you desire
  2. Spray your black spray over hair (cover clothing with a towel) let dry
  3. Hot glue on to hair clips spiders
  4. Cover hair in spider webs
  5. Clip spiders in hair 

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