Easter Craft Sticks

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Easter Craft Sticks

Are you looking for a simple, fun and inexpensive Easter craft for the kiddos?

These Easter craft sticks are super cute, and easy to make. Not only is this Easter craft easy but the kids had a blast making them. 



  1. Jumbo Craft sticks
  2. Regular craft sticks
  3. Google eyes
  4. Craft paper, craft felt or craft foam
  5. Craft paint or markers
  6. Feathers
  7. Craft wire
  8. Craft glue
  9. Scissors
  10. Small baby chicks and plastic eggs (found mine at a local Michaels craft store or find some HERE) or make some baby chicks from pom poms
  11. Misc. embellishments (flowers, gems, ect..) 


  1. Glue your craft sticks together in their desired shape (several jumbos in a row with small on the back to hold them together for baby chick and bunny) (2 jumbo and a half in the shape of a triangle for carrot) (mismatched for the birds nest)
  2. Paint or color your craft sticks the desired color
  3. Cut out of craft felt or craft paper your bunny ears, and nose, glue onto your bunny along with wiggle eyes, wire for the whiskers and other misc. embellishments
  4. For your baby chick cut out craft paper. felt or craft foam your nose and egg shell, glue on along with your wiggle eyes and feathers 
  5. For your carrot glue on some green craft paper to the top for your stem
  6. The birds nest glue on some shredded paper, baby chicks (you can make them out of pom poms if you dont have any) and plastic eggs










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