Frozen 2 has a release date

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Frozen 2 has a release date and its leaving fans stunned!

Frozen is back with an official release date for the sequel Frozen 2 to be in theaters November 22.

Early today Disney released the teaser trailer which has left Frozen fans stunned.


It has been just over 6 years since Frozen was released in the Winter of 2013 which was a huge smash hit, causing a massive craze over the beloved movie. Now it will be returning, yet we are still unsure as to what it will be about, the teaser only gives us a small glimpse into the possibilities of this new film. It shows, the group of friends Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff who appear to be on a great adventure.


The trailer begins with Elsa fighting her way across the ocean using her magical powers to freeze the waves as she battles her way across the water.


The next scene flashes us to Anna who appears to be in a battle of her own, along with Kristoff racing against time, however we are not sure as to what he is racing towards and why. From what we can see it looks like Disney may have another smash hit on their hands.



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