St. Patrick’s Day Craft Stick Ideas

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St. Patrick’s Day Craft Stick Ideas

If you are looking for a quick and simple craft to make for St. Patrick’s day than look no further, these St. Patrick’s Day Craft Stick Ideas are all super easy and fun for younger kids to make, we did these in about a half hour and they where a huge hit with the kiddos. 


  1. Jumbo and regular sized craft sticks
  2. Craft paint
  3. Gold coins
  4. Gold Chenille stems
  5. Wiggle eyes
  6. Craft fluffs or cotton balls
  7. Paint brush
  8. Scissors
  9. Craft glue
  10. Marker
  11. Misc. embellishments



  1. Have the kids paint their jumbo craft sticks different colors
  2. Glue your craft sticks together by placing a smaller craft stick along the back side with glue on it
  3. Glue some cotton balls to the tops and bottom of your craft sticks

Pot of gold-

  1. Glue your craft sticks together by using a smaller craft stick on the back 
  2. Paint craft sticks black
  3. Glue gold coins to the top 


    1. Glue your jumbo craft sticks together by using one across the front for the hat (you can also glue another smaller one to the back for extra support)
    2. Paint your craft sticks accordingly – see images
    3. Glue on some wiggle eyes
    4. Draw on your face 
    5. Add any additional embellishments 

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