Moose Diaper Cake


Moose Diaper Cake


Do you know anyone who is having a baby soon? Well if they are into a moose them, hunting theme, or just an animal theme, they will just love this super fun Moose Diaper Cake. This little guy is so fun to make and looks adorable for any baby shower. 


  1. Diaper asst sizes
  2. Rubber bands
  3. Dowels or wooden spoons
  4. Large buttons
  5. Craft felt or foam
  6. Jumbo craft sticks
  7. Glue (I used hot glue and a glue gun)
  8. Onesie
  9. Receiving blanket
  10. Baby hand towels/ wash cloth )
  11. Baby booties 
  12. Large Wiggle eyes
  13. Double Sided tape dots
  14. Pacifier (dollar store)
  15. Safety pins or T-pins


  1. Take a diaper and roll it together- rubber band it 
  2. Repeat this with several diapers
  3. Rubber band 6 each rolled diapers together
  4. Take another diaper and open it up- place your 6 banded diapers inside the open diaper
  5. Take 3 more rolled diaper and place inside your open diaper in front of your 6 banded – closest to the fold
  6. Fold your diaper over and secure with a rubber band or the diaper straps – see pictures
  7. Poke a dowel or wood spoon through the open end of your diaper bundle (making the head)
  8. Roll several more diapers until you have about 12 rolls – make 2 more groups of 6 and band them. 
  9. Thread both of your 6 each diaper bundles onto your wooden spoon or dowel behind your other bundle (making the body)
  10. Take 4 wooden dowels and roll 2 each diapers over each dowel – covering it, secure in place with rubber bands (see pictures)
  11. On the end of each dowel take another diaper and fold it around the end of the dowel, secure with a rubber band
  12. Take each of your dowels and poke them into the bottom side of your diaper cake for legs/ feet
  13. Cover your diaper feet with baby booties if desire
  14. Take a onesie and cover your moose head with it, keep the bottom opening at the nose end of your cake – see pictures
  15. Use a rubber band across the nose of your cake – see pictures
  16. Cut out of craft foam or craft felt moose antlers, glue craft sticks across the center to make them ridged 
  17. Poke your moose antlers between your head and body 
  18. Thread your wash cloth through the leg holes/ bottom half of your onesie to make ears – should poke out each side
  19. Use some tape/ glue dots to stick on eyes and buttons for the nose
  20. Take your dollar store pacifier and cut the rubber pacifier portion off and use your glue dots or t-pins to stick it to your diaper cake (use a dollar store pacifier since it will not be a usable item)
  21. Wrap your receiving blanket around the body of your cake and secure with safety pins or t-pins
  22. Use another wash cloth or a bib and drape over the body of your cake for more color

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