Halloween Skull Wall Sconces


Halloween Skull Wall Sconces



  1. Wooden Wall Plaques HERE
  2. Spanish Moss HERE
  3. Dollar store skulls
  4. Scissors
  5. Plastic cups or tea light jars
  6. Black paint or spray paint
  7. Plastic spiders
  8. Glue (I used hot glue but if you have a heavier skull or are placing this outdoors you might consider a stronger holding glue)


  1. Take your skull and trim off the back side or push in the back side so it sits more flush with the plaque
  2. Paint your plaques black, I added a few dashes of silver to give it a little extra
  3. Glue your skeleton heads to the plaques 
  4. Take some small plastic cups or tea light jars and paint black
  5. Once dry glue them to the top of your skull heads 
  6. Glue some Spanish moss under the head of the skull
  7. Add some dashes of black (I just lightly hit it with some black spray paint)  to your skull and moss 
  8. Add some spiders randomly
  9. Hang and enjoy

NOTE: We do not recommend using real candles in these, these could be a possible fire hazard, we recommend using battery operated candles/ or tea lights










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