Scarecrow Flip Flops


Scarecrow Flip Flops

These super fun scarecrows are not meant to be worn on your feet, but  to be hung in your house on display. These fun little guys are super easy to make and are a wonderful transition from flip flop season into fall. They would also look adorable for a beach house in the fall. 



  1. Tan flip flops (Find the ones I used HERE)
  2. Mini Scarecrow Hats-  Find some HERE
  3. Sharpie or permanent marker – Black
  4. Glue- I used hot glue
  5. Raffia
  6. Flower
  7. Craft paints and paint brush
  8. Ribbon and scissors


    1. Cut your scarecrow hat in half down the center (making 2 hat halves)
    2. Take a bundle of raffia and glue to the inside of your hat
    3. Glue hat to the top of your flip flop- just above the straps
    4. Take a marker and draw on your face
    5. Fill in your nose and patches with craft paints
    6. Attach a ribbon to the back of your flip flops to hand them from
    7. Attach your flower to the top of your girl hat
    8. Hang and enjoy






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