Halloween Craft Sticks


Halloween Craft Sticks



  1. Jumbo Craft sticks
  2. Regular sized craft sticks
  3. Construction paper or craft paper
  4. Scissors 
  5. Glue
  6. Ribbon
  7. Craft paint and brushes
  8. Wiggle eyes (assorted sizes)
  9. Buttons
  10. Raffia (optional, use craft paper or string as an alternative) 
  11. Marker


  1. Layout your jumbo craft sticks side by side in groups of 6
  2. Take 2 regular sized craft sticks and glue one across the top and bottom
  3. Flip over your craft stick bundles when dry
  4. Paint each set according to your design – all black for mummy, cat and bat – Blue with black hair for your Dracula, Green with black hair for Frankie, and Purple for your witch
  5. Glue 2 eyes on your black mummy sicks, then cut several strips of white paper and glue on randomly- trim off excess white paper from edges
  6. For your witch cup out of craft paper a witch hat, glue several pieces of raffia, paper or string to the back for hair, glue to your purple craft sticks, Glue on 2 eyes, and a green nose then draw on your mouth
  7. For Dracula, glue on 2 eyes, a nose and a bow tie with a button in the center- draw on your mouth and paint in some white fangs
  8. The bat you need to cut out some ears, wings and a mouth with fangs first, glue each section on accordingly and some wiggle eyes
  9. For Frankie, paint one more large jumbo craft stick grey or silver, glue long ways across the back for bolts- glue on 2 wiggle eyes – draw on your mouth, stitches and eyebrows
  10. For your black cat cut out of craft paper your nose, whiskers, ears and tail- glue each on accordingly, glue on 2 eyes and a bow













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