Grinch Christmas Craft Sticks


Grinch Christmas Craft Sticks


Okay if you are anything like me you love everything Grinch, so why not make a fun kids or adult craft with them. These super easy and fun craft sticks are sure to excite any Grinch fan. You can make this craft as simple or as difficult as you wish, we drew on and painted in the eyes but you could easily modify this to use wiggle eyes for smaller kids and then let them draw on the mouth.


  1. Jumbo Craft sticks (7 large per each character and 1 small craft stick broke in half for extra stability if desired)
  2. Craft Paints and brushes
  3. Black marker
  4. Ribbon
  5. Craft paper (Red, dark brown and lighter brown)
  6. Cotton balls
  7. Brown chenille stem (1 needed for Cindy Lou)
  8. Scissors
  9. Glue
  10. Wiggle eyes- if desired for smaller children


  1. Lay out 6 jumbo craft sticks in a row side by side
  2. Take a 1 more jumbo craft stick and glue it at an angle across the back (add 2 half pieces of a smaller craft stick for stability if desired)
  3. Do this with all 3 characters 
  4. Paint each set accordingly (brown for Max, green for Grinch, and the hair yellow for Cindy Lou)
  5. Sketch on the faces and outline them in black marker (fill in the eyes with desired color)
  6. Cut out of craft paper 2 droopy ears for max and an antler (glue the antler to the top and the ears on each side on the back of your sticks)
  7. Cut out of craft paper a Santa hat for the Grinch and glue on some cotton balls (attach to the top of the Grinch craft sticks)
  8. For Cindy cut in half a brown chenille stem, bend it in half and zig zag one half by bending back and fourth (glue one to the top back of each side of your craft sticks)
  9. Add a bow to your Cindy Lou and a Bow to your Max at the antler connection
  10. Enjoy 
  11. (optional add a magnet to the back to stick to the fridge or a string to the back to make into a Christmas tree ornament)










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