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OVER 35 CHRISTMAS MASON JAR IDEAS Mason jars are so much fun, they have many uses and crafting has become a very popular one. We have compiled several different ideas out there that are fantastic projects to give as a…
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SNOWMAN TREAT JARS- KIDS CRAFT Materials: Dollar store jars, Crayola Model Magic, buttons, wire, Chenille stems, wiggle eyes, pom poms (or other misc embellishments), markers, craft glue, Hot glue and glue gun Directions: Start by opening your model magic and…
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Christmas Show Fun

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 Some of you might have been wondering why I have not had much posts lately, well this is why, between the etsy orders and getting ready for a local Christmas show I have been a little tied up. I wanted…
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Joy Christmas Mason Jars

joy xmas

Joy Christmas Mason Jars Materials: Mason Jars, glitter blast spray paint ( Diamond Dust, Gold,  and Cheery Bomb), ribbon, hemp, dollar store ornament and dollar store flowers.  (looking for the glitter spray CLICK HERE for where I purchase mine, Looking for the yellow…
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Rustic Deer Wine Glass Candle Holders

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  RUSTIC DEER WINE GLASS CANDLE HOLDERS Materials: Dollar Store wine glasses, glitter spray paint (Bronze Blaze, Diamond Dust, Gold,  and Cheery Bomb), ribbon, hemp and Rust Stars.  (looking for the glitter spray CLICK HERE for where I purchase mine, Looking for the…
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Christmas Cookie Trays

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CHRISTMAS COOKIE TRAYS  Materials: Dollar Store wine glasses, dollar store plates,buttons, glitter spray paint (Bronze Blaze, Diamond Dust, Gold, and Cheery Bomb), bells, pipe cleaners, ribbon, rust stars, snowflakes, red glass paint, white paint pen, black glass paint pen, felt for the carrot nose, snowtex,…
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DIY Snowman Picture Holder

snowman picture holder e1451618343511

DIY SNOWMAN PICTURE HOLDER I just adore my new picture holder for this winter. I was wanting to make some kind of snowman and toyed around with several ideas until I finally came up this adorable little guy. MATERIALS: 3 desired…
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