Misc. Kid Crafts

DIY Balance Beam

diy balance beam e1451607632148

DIY Balance Beam (Cost Approximately $31.00) Supplies Used: 1- 8′ 4″x4″ board (appx $10), 3- 2″x4″ Pieces each 18″ long, staple gun, 9 yards of fabric, I used a closeout vinyl fabric I found for just under $3 a yard,…
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DIY Coffee Can Rocket

rocket diy e1451607557568

DIY Coffee Can Rocket Supplies Used: 2 Coffee Cans (or formula cans), Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun, Construction Paper, Craft Foam, Crayons, Tissue Paper, Tacky Glue or Elmer’s, Craft Foam and Scissors. Directions- Start by hot gluing your 2…
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Toddler & Baby Ice Play

ice play e1451607448468

Toddler & Baby Ice Play Sensory & Fine Motor Skills The kids where getting a little stir crazy today with daycare being closed and nothing but rain outside so we broke out the dishes and ice. They had so much…
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Toddler Finger Painted Rainbow Craft

fpr4 e1451607117240

Toddler Finger Painted Rainbow Craft Addie had a ton of fun with this simple craft, she just loved fingerpainting her rainbow.  Supplies: Canvas Panel (or any other desired material to paint on), Acrylic paint or finger paints, brushes, blue tape,…
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Frozen Colored Bubbles

frozen colored bubbles e1451606747176

  This was so much fun, I have been seeing all of these posts about making frozen bubbles, (doing this by blowing bubbles in the cold and catching them on the end of the wand, watch and wait for them…
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Salt Melt Snow Shapes

salt melt shapes e1451606650187

Salt Melt Snow Shapes  So being that its crazy snowy outside we decided to do some experimenting. Using cookie cutters and salt we made some really fun snow shapes that appear before your eyes. We placed a cookie cutter down…
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