Misc. Kid Crafts

Ice Cream Cone Party Bag

ice cream cone 1

Materials Used: Paper Bags, Construction Paper, Scissors and Glue For Printable Cut outs click link below http://www.qualityartprojects.com/?p=1090

Cookie Monster Dress


  Addies Cookie Monster Dress finally done 🙂 So simple to make- I found the idea on Pinterest, just took some elastic for the top band and used a simple no sew tutu tutorial to make the main dress, then…
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Minnie Mouse Gift Bags


Gift Bags for Addies Party   Materials: Constrction Paper- Black and White, Red Paper Bags, and Ribbon (Scissors and Glue) Directions: Lay out your paper bag and place a sheet of black construction paper over it and trace out the…
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Addies Birthday Buggy

Addies buggy

Addies Birthday Buggy Using an outdoor Plastic Spray paint make that old faded Cozy Coupe look new and exciting. Note: when using any spray paint make sure the surface is clean or it will not adhere properly.