Kids School Snacks and Treats

DIY Snowman Picture Holder

snowman picture holder e1451618343511

DIY SNOWMAN PICTURE HOLDER I just adore my new picture holder for this winter. I was wanting to make some kind of snowman and toyed around with several ideas until I finally came up this adorable little guy. MATERIALS: 3 desired…
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Banana Mummy

bananna mummy e1451622903196

Banana Mummy  So believe it or no I got this idea from my 2 year old who while I was working on my Halloween wine glass orders hands me his Banana and wanted me to wrap it in cheese cloth…
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VALENTINE IDEAS e1451618451534

Valentine Treat Ideas Need a fun DIY treat for your kids valentines, check out some of these great ideas! You Keep My Heart in Tow You Make my Heart Race  Im Bananas Over you Valentine  I Totally Dig You Valentine …
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You keep my heart in tow Valentine

TOW e1451618413516

You Keep My Heart in Tow Valentine   So my original plan for this little guy was to be a fire truck and the smarties to be the ladder, well everyone decided it made a better tow truck so this…
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You make my heart race Valentine

race1 e1451618204637

You Make My Heart Race Valentine    For Free Printable Tag CLICK HERE–> make my heart race (1) FULL SHEET CLICK HERE—> full sheet            

Kids School Treat and Snack Ideas

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 Kids School Treat and Snack Ideas   Monkey Pudding Cup Turtle Jello Fruit Cup Apple Jello Fruit Cup Mickey Mouse Jello Fruit Cup Luv Bug Valentines Day Jello Fruit Cup  Turkey Pudding Cups Turkey Jello Fruit Cups Turkey – cheese…
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