Kids School Snacks and Treats

Rudolph Reindeer Brownies

reindeer brownies sm 1

Rudolph Reindeer Brownies We love to make pre- packaged treats, it so much fun and great for the kids to take to school. Unfortunately now days its hard to bring treats that are not pre-packaged from the store, so this…
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Christmas Treat Pops

christmas pops sm

Christmas Treat Pops MATERIALS USED:  Plastic Fill- able Ornaments (I would recommend checking for food safe ones) find some like the ones I used –> HERE Green M&M’s Red M&M’s Jumbo Craft Sticks HERE Construction paper Hot glue and glue gun…
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TURKEY SNACK STICKS Great Thanksgiving treat idea! Materials Used: Fill able Plastic Ornaments (recommend using/ finding a food safe ornament) find some like what I used HERE Fillers- Candy, crackers, cheese puffs, gold fish, ect… Jumbo Craft Sticks HERE Orange…
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Snowman Chocolate Candy Cups

snowman candy cups sm

Snowman Chocolate Candy Cups Materials Used White Chocolate Candy Melts (Here) Small Balloons Blue and Black frosting Orange Gum Drops (cut the corner off) or Candy Corns for the nose Asst. Candy. Cooking Oil (any kind) Directions: Blow up your…
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BAT BROWNIES I love to make fun treats with my kids for the holidays, however school treats have become harder and harder to send with the kids since most schools will only accept pre packaged items now days, so we…
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DORY 1 2

FINDING DORY BOTTLED JUICE CRAFT MATERIALS: Bottled juice or Gatorade, Hot glue, felt, wiggle eyes, scissors, black sharpie and cheerios DIRECTIONS: cut strips of orange felt for the tentacles, hot glue to juice drink, then hot glue on the eyes…
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Whoville Christmas Treat Ideas

whoville christmas treats e1451618481157

 WHOVILLE CHRISTMAS TREAT IDEAS Materials Used: 2-Green, 1-Red Jello Fruit Cups, Wiggle eyes, Pom poms, Tacky Glue, Cotton Ball, Gems, Brown, Black and Yellow Felt, scissors, white paint or paint pen and a Sharpie Directions: GRINCH- Simply take a green…
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