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Candy Christmas Tree Treats


Candy Christmas Tree Treat What’s Needed Reese Mini Cups (only green wrapper ones) Hershey Kisses (only green wrapper ones) Rolos Gold Glitter Ribbon Sequins and Stars Hot Glue Gun Directions To make one Christmas tree, you’ll need one Rolo, 2…
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Christmas Tree Suckers


Christmas Tree Suckers Materials: Craft paper Scissors Suckers Glue Hole punch Paper star or snow flake embellishment Directions: Cut a piece of paper in about 1/3 long wise (it should be about 4″ or so wide) Fold your piece of…
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Christmas Juice Bottles


Christmas Juice Bottles Materials: Juice bottles (we used Little Hug Drink Barrels) Pom poms – Red Craft paper- black and yellow Chenille stems – brown Wiggle eyes Green feathers Black sharpie Scissors Glue Hole punch Directions: For the Grinch glue on…
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Minnie Mouse Reindeer Cupcakes


Minnie Mouse Reindeer Cupcakes   Fondant Ears and bow 1 package of black fondant 1 package of green fondant 1 wilton fondant mold 1 mini circle fondant cutter Ear Directions Sprinkle some powder sugar onto a cutting board Roll out…
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Mickey Mouse Santa Cupcakes


Mickey Mouse Santa Cupcakes Fondant Ears 1 package of black fondant 1 mini circle fondant cutter Directions Sprinkle some powder sugar onto a cutting board Roll out the black fondant into 1/4 inch thickness and cut out 48 circles for…
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Ornament Cupcakes


Ornament Cupcakes Ingredients 12 cupcakes 1 to 2 cups vanilla frosting Clear sprinkling sugar 12 wrapped Rolo candies (1 for each cupcake) Red and green coated chocolate candies (about 13 for each cupcake) Large open star tip (Wilton 1M Open…
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Reindeer Cupcakes


Reindeer Cupcakes Ingredients 12 cupcakes 1 to 2 cups chocolate frosting 12 Nutter Butter cookies (1 for each cupcake) Chocolate candy melts or chocolate flavored almond bark 12 red cinnamon candies (1 for each cupcake) 24 candy eyes (2 for…
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